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Spam Prevention/Filtration

Every single day thousands of productivity hours are lost by businesses in combating unwanted emails. Adding to this frustration is the possibility of missing critical business emails only to have them gobbled up by overzealous anti-spam filtration.

AffordableConsulting.com has partnered with The LEADER in messaging, AppRiver. You get the speed and reliability of the industry leader along with local staff who can help you should the need arise. You do not need to be hosted by AffordableConsulting.com to take advantage of this service - but you do need to have your own domain in most cases.  Contact us today to find out how you can dramatically increase your productivity by virtually eliminating spam from your life!


Micro-targeting:  Advertising and Marketing

Oftentimes businesses use a "shot gun" approach to advertising when a "rifle" is what is needed. Placing a single radio ad on several different radio stations is an example of this. Each radio station has it's own demographics - your ideal clients have demographics of their own.

Our first step is to find out who your ideal clients are. Ideal clients are not always the "most" clients you have but ones that buy from you creating the least amount of stress on your business. Once you find that demographic - then you have to find them. Knowing which outlets have a higher concentration of several differing demographics is key here. Now you have to SPEAK directly to those potential clients. A specific, targeted message is key in delivering the results you want to see.

Developing a direct Marketing plan is vital to divining a new, solid client base for your goods/services. This is where we excel. Sure, you have a Facebook fan page, but what is that doing to build your business? What are some LOW COST yet HIGH YIELD ideas that will catapult you forward?

Partnering with several traditional and non-traditional media outlets to try new things helps us deliver for our clients. We are constantly evolving, shouldn't you be?

This method can be used in Direct Mail, Radio, TV, and in thousands of ways online - oftentimes at a fraction of the cost but with a higher return on your investment. Isn't it time your advertising dollars started working harder for you?

Contact us today to discuss your options to grow your business.


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